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My name is Shane and I have been designing graphics for over 25 years. I offer my clients a web design service that is professional and honest. I am a one stop shop, that provides web design, hosting services and I can even handle your URL renewals. I am honest with clients when it comes to SEO and how it works and where you stand… and is it worth spending money on it? My web designs are responsive… this means that your customers can view your website on a computer, tablet or smart phone with no issues. To learn more about my services please contact me for a free no hassle quote.

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Does Your Business Need a Website?

Do you need a website for your business? The answer to that question should be simple… It’s yes! The world is full of smartphones, tablets and computers and many of us use them to look for the right company that will best suit our needs. If your business is not online, you could be losing out on new customers. A website can be a great tool for your business… it can promote your services, or it can be used to sell products online and increase sales.

What You Need to Consider When Starting a Website

If a website is such a great tool; why doesn’t every business have one? The answer is simple… A website requires ongoing work and maintenance to produce results, this requires a knowledge of HTML, CSS and other web design skills. Plus, let’s not forget about the URL registration and hosting requirements and yearly renewals that can becoming confusing for business owners to navigate and stay on top of. So, consider this when thinking of starting a website… It can be a great tool for your business, but it will require time and work that may not fit your schedule. A website that is not maintained could leave you open to spam and lose of data or outdated code that no longer works and more.

My Website Solution for Your Business

My solution is simple… Getting a webmaster for your business is the way to go. A skilled person to handle everything the online world requires is important. But it can be a little hard finding a webmaster at a fair price when just starting up. That is why, I am happy to say… my webmaster rates are very affordable, and I have over 25 years of experience as a graphic artist. However, I do have limited space, so please act quick if you are interested. My webmaster services can provide your business with a web design, URL registration, hosting and monthly maintenance to keep it all running smoothly.

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